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Why You Should Buy From EnMart – 2013 Edition

3rd January 2013

Why You Should Buy From EnMart – 2013 Edition

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whyOne of the first posts I ever wrote for this blog was called Why You Should Buy Your Supplies from EnMart.   I was looking back through the archives and saw the post and, as I read it two things struck me.  One was that the original two reasons, experience and quality,  still remained true.   The other was that there are now a host of additional reasons that you should buy from EnMart,  so maybe it was time the post had an update.   So, without further ado,  here are three additional reasons why you should purchase your embroidery and sublimation supplies from EnMart.

Reason 1:  We added sublimation supplies – In 2007, when I wrote the original post,  our parent company was doing sublimation,  but we were not yet selling the supplies and equipment.  Today EnMart sells sublimation printerssublimation ink and sublimation packages,  as well as sharing our experience and knowledge with both beginning and advanced sublimators.    If you are just starting out with sublimation and need support,  or if you’ve been sublimating for a while and are looking for a supplier who will ship you goods quickly and sell them at a fair price,  EnMart is here to help.

Reason 2:  Knowledgeable staff – We don’t just get a one hour seminar on the products we sell,  we use them every day.  Chances are if you encounter a problem,  we’ve encountered it in the past.    Anyone who has spoken with Tom Chambers at one of the trade shows knows he’s a sublimation guru,  and our sublimation tech, Bill, is very knowledgeable as well.   We also have years of machine embroidery experience under our roof,  so we can answer a wide variety of machine embroidery questions.

Reason 3:  Our product lines keep expanding –  We started out with poly and rayon thread.  Then we added gold and silver metallic, and after that colored metallic.  Variegated thread came along soon after and we added glow in the dark and solar activated thread in 2012.  We’ve also added new types of backing,  and even introduced an entirely new type of topping, Q-104,  to the industry in 2012.

It’s true,  there are bigger companies out there,  and there are probably companies that sell the same supplies we sell but for a cheaper price.   Still, I’d be willing to bet that there isn’t a company out there are few, if any,  companies out there that are as knowledgeable about sublimation and machine embroidery as we are,  or who are as willing to share that knowledge.    If you’re looking for a company to sell you something,  then you can make your purchase anywhere.   If you’re looking for a company that will not only sell you a product,  but provide support and education as well,  then take a look at EnMart.

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