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Why EnMart is a Member of the NNEP

25th August 2010

Why EnMart is a Member of the NNEP

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Three years or so ago,  when EnMart was being created,  one of the things I did was look around for organizations we could join.  I knew I wanted an organization that dealt with commercial embroidery,  since we sold thread and other supplies for companies that did embroidery.  I knew I wanted an organization with a loyal membership.  I also, if I could find one, wanted an organization that held trade shows or seminars,  because that would give us an opportunity to get in front of the members and speak with them.   Finally, I wanted an organization that would support and help publicize the suppliers that were members.   Obviously,  I had some requirements back then.

After searching for a while,  I came across the National Network of Embroidery Professionals or NNEP.  EnMart became a member shortly thereafter.  That decision has been one I have never regretted.

Fast forward to today and we’ve just completed exhibiting at NNEP Embroidery Mart in Nashville.  It was a great show.  As always, the NNEP members were interested in our company,  excited by our products and eager to buy what we had to sell.   The show was set up so we could talk one on one with customers and was big enough that there was lots to see, but not so big that it would take days to walk the show floor.  After a couple of years of being an NNEP supplier member,  going to a show feels like visiting family.   The excitement and enthusiasm for the craft of garment decoration is uplifting.

There may be bigger shows,  and there may be more technique specific shows,  but I guarantee there are no better shows.  If you own a commercial embroidery company,  membership in the NNEP is a great investment.  It will also bring you discounts from many suppliers,  EnMart included.   If you’re a supplier to the commercial embroidery community,  as EnMart is,  you won’t find a more loyal group of customers than the NNEP members, and you won’t find an organization that is more supportive of its supplier members than the NNEP.

We had a great time in Columbus,  Houston and Nashville this year, and I’d like to thank all the NNEP members who stopped by to meet us at one of the trade shows and stayed to become EnMart customers.  Your support and enthusiasm for EnMart means a great deal to us and is greatly appreciated.  My thanks also goes to Jenni, Arch, Susan, Jessica and all the NNEP staff.  The NNEP is a great organization and EnMart is proud to be a part of it.

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