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Why Do You Use The Supplies You Use?

5th January 2011

Why Do You Use The Supplies You Use?

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One of the biggest obstacles for any company is getting customers to try their product.  This is especially true if the product is something that is new to the marketplace.   People tend to get settled into routines or comfort zones.  What they use works,  and they know its quirks and they’re confident of the outcome they’ll get if they use a particular backing or thread or bobbin.  Trying something new ups the risk factor a little,  and risk isn’t always a good thing, particularly when you’re in business.  It’s better to say with the tried and true.  Except, of course,  when it isn’t.

When we ask people who aren’t currently EnMart customers why they use the product they use,  the answers generally fall into one of three categories:

  1. It’s what came with my machine and I figured the manufacturer knew best
  2. I’ve always used this thread/size of backing/type of bobbin and I know it works
  3. I’ve got my machines and color charts set for these particular items and changing would be too difficult

All of these answers are valid,  but none of them are really a barrier to trying something new.

Answer #1 is based on a sort of faulty assumption.  Companies form strategic partnerships for a lot of reasons.  One of those reasons may be that the manufacturing company does really feel that the products made by the other company in the alliance are really the best.   Sometimes the supplies come with the machine because of a cross promotional deal or because they supplying company pays to have the manufacturer include the supplies with the machine.   There may be many different reasons why certain supplies arrive with a particular machine,  so don’t assume that, just because one thing arrives paired with the other,  you can never use anything else if you want optimum performance from your machine.

Answer #2 is a very common answer, and I understand why it’s one we hear from a lot of embroidery business owners.  Business is about balancing risk.   If you know that something works well,  why change a winning formula?  One the surface it seems very logical,  but when you look deeper, you can see there are lots of reasons to change a winning formula.  Maybe something new will be more economical.  Maybe it will perform better than what is currently being used.  Maybe the new product will have a wider selection or better durability or other features that your customers will like.  Sticking with the tried and true is safe and easy,  but safe and easy isn’t always the way to grow your business.  Sometimes you have to try something new.

Answer #3 probably reflects the attitude of anyone who has gone through color matching.  It isn’t easy and it isn’t fun.   Our goal at EnMart is to make the process as painless as possible.   We have our online conversion engine to help you convert the colors you usually use to Iris thread colors.   Our customer service staff and account executives will help with color matching as well.    Changing from one type of thread or backing or bobbins doesn’t have to be difficult.  Just let us know what you currently use, and we’ll create a list for you with all the EnMart equivalents.

Changing suppliers doesn’t have to be hard or stressful,  and it can have a lot of advantages.  If you would like to know how EnMart can help make changing suppliers easy,  give us a call, and we’ll explain.

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