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Why Buy Sublimated Patches?

28th July 2010

Why Buy Sublimated Patches?

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I’m sure most of you are familiar with our blank patches,  but you may not be as familiar with our custom sublimated patches.   Today I wanted to take a minute to explain what our sublimated patches are,  and how they can be useful to your business.

First,  let’s talk about what a sublimated patch is exactly.   Those of you who read our other blog,  SubliStuff, should already be familiar with sublimation.   If you’re not familiar with the process,  sublimation requires the use of special ink to print transfers.  The transfers are then pressed onto polyester fabric,  and the composition of the ink is such that it turns to a gas and dyes the fabric.  The result is a colorful print that washes well and retains its color.    When the sublimation process is applied to a 100% polyester patch,  you get a colorful patch that lasts and lasts.

Sublimated patches are a great alternative for anyone who wants to put an intricate design on a patch.  As anyone who embroiders already knows,  designs with small letters or lots of detail often do not embroider well.   Sublimation allows you to print designs with small details and intricate lettering  while ensuring that the details will show crisp and clear on the finished product.  Buying sublimated patches from EnMart also means that you have a wide variety of patch sizes and shapes from which to choose.    Whether you’re looking for circles, squares or rectangles,  or if you need something like a shield or a diamond shape,  we can provide the shape you need in a variety of different sizes.

EnMart’s custom sublimated patches are also cost effective.    It is relatively inexpensive to create a colorful patch that is also durable.  Sublimation also means that there is no limit on the colors that can be put on the patch or in the detail that the patch design encompasses.    EnMart also offers quantity breaks on our sublimated patches,  so the more patches you purchase,  the more money you save.

Last, but not least,  EnMart has experience in creating these patches.  Our parent company has been working with sublimation since 2001.  Since then we’ve created hundreds of thousands of sublimated patches for all kinds of companies and with all kinds of designs.   We’ve had time to perfect our process and our patch quality,  while also discovering ways to create patches quickly.  This means our turnaround time is measure in days rather than weeks.   Of course the turnaround time will depend on the number of patches ordered and our production schedule but, overall,  we can generally turn around orders in less than 5 business days.

If you would like to learn more about our sublimated patches,  or to request a sample,  please contact us.   We’ll be glad to help.

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  1. 1 On August 25th, 2010, SHARON said:

    Would the sublimated patch be something you could apply to Leather (smooth garment leather) and
    withstand the Leather Cleaning process?? Am looking for a patch for the back of a Leather Jacket, has
    to fairly large for all the wording and Wyoming Bucking Horse.
    Sharon 307 683-2723

  2. 2 On August 26th, 2010, kristine said:

    You could certainly sew a sublimated patch onto a leather garment. I wouldn’t recommend heat sealing it, as I don’t know how the leather would withstand heat sealing.

    The patches are designed to withstand an industrial wash and dry so I would imagine they would withstand the leather cleaning process as well. We’ve don’t know of anyone who has specifically tried running the patches through this process, so we can’t say definitively, but I would guess it would work.

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