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Why Buy Blank Patches from EnMart?

27th January 2010

Why Buy Blank Patches from EnMart?

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If you do a Google search for blank patches you’ll find 2,150,000 results. Even if you allow that some of those results will come from the same site, that’s still a lot of potential places from which you could purchase blank patches. We realize that EnMart is one of many potential suppliers, but we also know that choosing EnMart is a wise decision. Today I wanted to explain a bit about why we think buying your blank patches from EnMart is a wise move.

First, let’s talk about construction. EnMart blank patches are made of 100% polyester, not a blend. They’re also designed to meet the standards of industrial laundries, which can have very harsh wash and dry cycles. Our blank patches have to stand up to far more rigorous standards than would every occur in most home washing and drying cycles and they have to do it repeatedly. These patches are made to last, and look good, for the long haul.

Second, these patches have been tested. Recently an independent third party ran a wash test using EnMart blanks sewn with Iris thread. Our blanks were tested against blanks made by competitors and sewn with other brand name threads. EnMart blanks and Iris thread easily won the test. Our blanks didn’t crumple under pressure and our thread didn’t run. Ensign Emblem, our parent company, has been manufacturing these blank patches for 35 years and they’ve been tested many times. We know they’re tough because we’ve seen them endure tough conditions.

Third, we offer a wide variety of colors and sizes. Some companies that sell blanks offer white fabric only, or have a limited number of sizes. When you buy EnMart blanks, you can either purchase blanks in standard colors, which are comprised of white polyester fabric and specific border colors, or you can purchase blanks in custom colors, which encompasses a much wider range of border and fabric colors. We offer a large number of color and size combinations, which means you have many more options for how and where to use patches on the items you sell.

The final and fourth reason to buy your blank patches from EnMart is simply this, we give good customer service and sell good product. If you have questions, we’ll respond quickly. If you have a special request or need, we’ll work with you to fulfill that request or meet that need. Our customer service and manufacturing staff are dedicated, our product is high quality and reasonably priced and we offer a wide variety of colors and shapes, at least one combination of which is sure to suit your needs.

Given all the reasons why you should buy blank patches from EnMart, it seems to me the question in the title is wrong.

The real question is “Why Buy Your Blank Patches from Anywhere Else?”

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