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Where Was Your Thread Born?

30th May 2008

Where Was Your Thread Born?

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Buying products that were made in North America or manufactured using American made materials has always been important to a lot of American consumers.   When it comes to machine embroidery thread it is often hard to know where your thread first came to life.   A lot of the companies that are considered “American” thread manufacturers aren’t really based in America at all.  A lot of the manufacturing process has also moved overseas, where labor is cheaper.  Given all that, how do you really know where your thread actually comes from? 

Obviously, we can’t speak for the other thread manufacturers.  We can only tell you what we know about the thread we sell, Iris thread.   All Iris thread is NAFTA certified.  To become NAFTA certified a product has to be created of materials that come only from NAFTA nations.  The NAFTA nations can only be Canada, the United States, or Mexico.

Iris thread is manufactured in Mexico.  The raw materials for Iris polyester thread are made in the United States.  All Iris thread is manufactured in North America.  The machine embroidery thread is, of course, sold by EnMart, which is owned by an American based company with 5 plants in the United States. 

If you are looking for a high quality thread with a great sheen and high tenacity and durability, you can’t go wrong buying Iris thread.  As an added bonus, you’ll also be buying one of the few threads on the market that is manufactured in North America.   Any way you look at it, Iris thread is a great value.

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