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When Bad Customer Service Goes Worse

16th October 2012

When Bad Customer Service Goes Worse

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Because part of my responsibility here at EnMart is overseeing customer service,  I know how hard providing good service to corporate customers can be.  A lot of customer service reps are hampered by rigid rules,  the inability to make decisions and a chain of command that often doesn’t want to handle problems.  It’s also tough to provide top notch customer service when you’re handling a large number of customers.   After a while,  if you have a large volume of calls,  the customers start to feel like numbers,  not people with problems, and it seems easier to shunt them along the line than to try and handle their issues.   Despite understanding all of that,  there are still times when I am dumbfounded and frustrated by just how bad some companies can be when it comes to customer service.

As some of you may already know,  EnMart has four locations across the United States.  One of those locations is in Lawrenceville, GA.   Our Georgia plant, and all the other EnMart and Ensign Emblem plants,  currently have phone and internet service through AT&T.   Recently the bill for our Georgia plant jumped,  mid contract,  by over $150 a month when no new services had been ordered.  Naturally we called to see what had happened,  and discovered that we were being charged for an unordered and unnecessary DSL line.   Being frugal people,  we asked them to cancel the line we didn’t need and hadn’t ordered,  and were assured this would be done and our current service would not be impacted.   Then,  you guessed it,  they canceled the line we actually use,  and left our facility in Georgia without internet access for a day and a half.

When we discovered that they had turned off the wrong line,  we of course called to request that mistake be rectified,  which seemed, even if AT&T isn’t exactly known for great customer service,  pretty simple.  Just turn the right line back on again.  Unfortunately,  simple was the last word I’d use to describe the process of getting our internet restored.   There were phone calls.  There was a posting on Facebook.   There were “escalations”  which  got us to the “Office of the President” and the “Executive Level” but didn’t get us our internet access.   It was a frustrating mess from start to finish and though some people did seem to want to help,  no one seemed to be able to do much that was actual help.

I guess, in the end,  good comes out of any experience from which you learn something.  In this case,  I learned,  just from listening to those directly involved,  how frustrating it can be when you have a problem and can’t get any help.   I also had a new appreciation for how annoying it can be when you are shunted ever higher up the corporate ladder but your problem still doesn’t get solved.   In the end we got our internet service back and our facility in Georgia is now humming along as usual,  but our relationship with AT&T may never be the same.

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