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What’s Your Favorite Stabilizer Style?

13th September 2011

What’s Your Favorite Stabilizer Style?

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If you follow us on Twitter or Facebook,  you’ll know that I’ve asked the question in the title of this post before.    Still,  I want to ask it in as many places as possible,  for a couple of reasons.   One reason is the fact that we always want to have the items our customers want in stock or at least readily available.   The second reason is that I’m working on revamping the backing inventory, and some items may be coming off the in stock list.   Given that I’m rearranging things,  I thought it would be helpful to have as much information as possible before I begin.

Currently,  EnMart carries  cutaway and tearaway stabilizers in rolls and pre-cut sheets.    We also have water soluble toppings and backings,  as well as adhesive backing.    If you mostly embroider knit shirts,  like polo shirts,  you may want to check out our poly mesh category.   EnMart also offers a small selection of FR backing.    These backing categories have developed over time as people have asked for a particularly type of backing,  or based on recommendations from our suppliers about what popular stabilizer types and sizes should be stocked.    Still the best information comes from you,  and I’d appreciate the help of anyone who can spare a minute to answer the following questions:

  1. Which do you prefer, rolls or pre-cuts?
  2. Do you use a lot of colored (i.e. beige, black) stabilizer?
  3. What’s the heaviest weight stabilizer you commonly use?
  4. If you use pre-cuts,  do you generally stick to a specific size, or do you use different sizes for different things?

Our goal is to create a stabilizer inventory that will let us meet the needs of the majority of our customers without overloading our inventory to the point where we’re stocking 80 different kinds of backing, each to satisfy the needs of an individual customer.    If you do have a specific need,  we will and do stock special items,   but that’s a whole different post.  Right now,  I’m just looking for information on what people generally use and what they prefer.   Any feedback you can give me on the questions above will be greatly appreciated.

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