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What’s the Answer Wednesday: Blank Patches

21st October 2009

What’s the Answer Wednesday: Blank Patches

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people-questionThis Wednesday we’re going to discuss a question, or perhaps the proper term is a request, from Ida.  She writes:

I’m looking to make patches. I don’t know how to do them if you can help me i would be so greatful. Ida

If you need blank patches there are really two ways to go about getting them.  One, as Ida mentions in her comment, is to make them yourself.   While we don’t currently offer instructions for creating your own patches from scratch,  I have found some resources that may be of assistance.

How to Make Patches with an Embroidery Machine

Making Custom Patches

How to Make an Embroidered Iron On Patch

How to Sew Patches and Emblems

Patch it Up – Urban Threads

If you’re looking for supplies so you can make your own patches, give us a call.  We can probably get what you need if we don’t already have it in stock. We do sell the Fabric Sheets you could use to make patches and, should you have a merrowing machine, the merrow thread,  and we can also sell you heat seal backing should you need it.   If you’re looking to make applique type patches, our Badgemaster product could come in very handy.   We also offer adhesive backing.

The second method of obtaining a blank patch is to buy them from a company, like EnMart, that produces them. Once, however, you buy the patches, you still have to figure out how to hoop and embroider them.   EnMart has provided instructions on how to do that.   I have also written some blog posts on the subject.

Blank Patch Embroidery:  Step by Step Instructions

Embroidering Single Patches: Deciding on Size and Type

Embroidering Single Patches: The How To Post

I hope this helps answer Ida’s question.  If any of you need more information about embroidering blank patches, or about what sorts of blank patches EnMart offers, please feel free to contact us.   You can also DM me on Twitter if you have a question you would like to submit for What’s the Answer Wednesday.

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