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What Your Web Site Says About Your Business

28th July 2008

What Your Web Site Says About Your Business

For the purposes of this blog post, I’m going to assume that everyone out there has a web site for their business. If you don’t yet have a site, you should read this post anyway. Odds are that sometime soon you will have a site, if only because your customers demand that you have one.

A web site is more than just an online portal for your business. For those who know where to look and for what they should look, your business web site can tell them a lot about what sort of company you own and what kind of manager you are. The following is a list of things your web site can tell potential customers, whether you intended your web site to impart that information or not.

Are You Detail Oriented? – Do the links on your site work? Is the text on your site proofed for spelling and grammar errors. Can your customers find errors in your stated policies? The quality of your web site can be seen as reflecting on the quality of your work. If you want to be perceived as a detail oriented company that does quality work, make sure your web site gives that impression.

What Are Your Design Aesthetics? – Some colors are more suitable for the Web than others. Some fonts can be read more easily. Bigger text is always easier to read than smaller text. All the elements of your web site should come together to convey one overall impression. If you use a variety of fonts or clashing colors, you destroy the harmony. While designing for the web is different than designing for clothing or embroidery, they do have one thing in common. People will know a bad design when they see it.

Are You Going to Be Easy to Deal With? – Some web sites make it hard for visitors to find information they want. The policies may be hidden or not included on the site at all. There may be no contact information. Some sites will even make it difficult for customers to find pricing or a list of what work the company can do. If your site doesn’t have a lot of information or makes visitors hunt for information that should be obvious, your potential customers may start to wonder how easy it will be to get information when they talk to you in person.

Is Your Web Site Easy to Navigate? – When a visitor reaches your site can they easily tell how to move around? Is the menu easy to find and easy to understand? Do you have menus in multiple places? Does finding and using your menu require a lot of interpretation? Making your visitors solve a puzzle before they can move around your site will most likely lose your visitors. Navigation should be simple and easy to interpret and your site visitors should be able to find everything they’re looking for quickly and easily.

Are You Going to Waste My Time? – Flash openings and fun widgets may be cool, but they don’t really add anything that the customer needs. Your goal should be to get your customers to your site, to help them find what they need, and to assist them in completing their transaction as quickly as possible. Anything that gets in the way of that goal is most likely unnecessary.

For some customers, your web site may the first experience they ever have with your business. Take a moment to examine your site through the eyes of a customer and you may discover your site is saying a lot more about your company and you than you know.

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