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What Machine Embroidery Magazines Do You Read?

6th November 2007

What Machine Embroidery Magazines Do You Read?

We’re in the process of collecting media kits from the various magazines that deal with machine embroidery.  Some of these magazines, like Stitches and Impressions we are already familiar with and read.  Other magazines, like Creative Machine Embroidery and Designs in Machine Embroidery, are less familiar and we are still learning about them. 

One of the reasons we are collecting media kits and visiting the magazine websites is that we are in the process of planning an advertising campaign.  One of the things any business needs to do to get customers is to advertise.  Like any other business, we need to tell you who we are and what we sell, and we need to do it in such a way that you’ll want to come and investigate our wares and hopefully make a purchase. 

For those of you who may not have put together an advertising campaign, the challenge is figuring out where your customers are.  You need to figure out what magazines they read, what websites they visit, and in some cases, what television and radio shows they like.  The idea is to put your message where your potential customers will be.  The trick is in figuring out exactly where those places are.

The best people to help me figure out where our ideal advertising venues are is those of you who read this blog.  If you have a moment, please leave a comment and let us know what magazines you read or websites you visit.  It may only take a minute to leave a comment,  and it would be of great help to us. 

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