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Website Workshop: Names and Domains

18th June 2009

Website Workshop: Names and Domains

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domain-nameIn my time with Ensign Emblem (EnMart’s parent company) I’ve named three or four companies and a wide variety of products.  Picking a name is never a simple or easy process.  You want a name that fits the product.  The name should be something that resonates with your target customer base.  It also has to be a name that no one else has trademarked, and it shouldn’t be too close to a well known name that another company already uses.  Naming a company or a product requires a lot of time and thought.

When you add creating a website into the mix, things get a bit more complicated.  Now, in addition to making sure your prospective name isn’t being used elsewhere, you also have to make sure the domain that incorporates that particular name isn’t taken.   This requires going to a domain registrar, like GoDaddy, and finding out which names are available.   If you’re just starting your search for a domain name, here are some tips to keep in mind.

1. Your domain name should be close to your company name – It is true that not every company does this, but you stand a better chance of people being able to find you if your domain name is close to your company name.   Say your company name is “Joe’s Designs”.  People who want to find you online would be more likely to type in “JoesDesigns.com” than they would “Myperfectembroidery”.

2. Brevity is the soul of domain names – Keep your domain name short.  It is also preferable that it not be hyphenated if you can avoid it.  You want to create a domain name that people can easily remember, and easily type into a menu bar.  Unless you have a ton of advertising dollars to spend on publicizing your domain name, shorter is generally better and easier to remember.

3. Always try for .com – Whether we like it or not , www.mywebsite.com is what people will default to when typing in a URL.  If you can, get the .com version of your domain name.  .Net or .org can work in certain situations, as can country specific domain names, but most people will default to .com.

4. Plan for growth – If you think you might want to offer more products in the future then make sure your domain and company names can accomodate that.   “Susie’s Designs” has a larger range of options than “Susie’s Embroidery”.   Make sure your company name and your domain allow you to change direction or expand your horizons if you’re inclined to do so.

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