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Uses for a Heat Press

13th August 2008

Uses for a Heat Press

Most likely you’d already determined how you would use your heat press before you made the purchase. Now that you’ve got your heat press in your shop, it’s time to see if you can put those ideas you had into practice. We would also like to suggest a few uses for your heat press that you may not have considered.

One way to use your heat press is as a sealing mechanism for transfers. Many transfers, like EnMart’s Ntrans Screenprint Transfers, require heat be applied to seal the transfer to the fabric. Transfers are a great way to increase your product offerings, as they allow you to offer screenprinted garments without having to purchase screenprinting equipment. EnMart’s Ntrans Tranfers are available in any number of colors and require a minimum order of 12 pieces.

Another use for a heat press is to seal patches or emblems to a garment or hat. EnMart offers blank patches in a variety of sizes and shapes. If you don’t wish to sew the patches on the garments, order your patches with heat seal backing. As we said in a blog post on the subject, heat seal backing is used when you want to seal the patches directly to the garment using a heat press. We do not recommend using an iron to seal EnMart patches. A heat press creates a much better seal.

In a pinch, although we don’t recommend it, you can also use your heat press for making a quick lunch or dinner. If you aren’t having much luck finding a book of recipes suitable for heat press cooking, check out this thread at T-Shirt forums. Crepes and quesadillas, here we come!

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