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Types of Backing

17th October 2007

Types of Backing

Today I thought I would continue the discussion of backing that I started yesterday.  In this post, I want to discuss the types of backing EnMart sells and the uses to which they can be put.

Tearaway Backing

Tearaway backing is the backing of choice for most embroiderers.  Tearaway material is often preferable to cutaway backing as it will allow you to finish designs more quickly, safely and cheaply. To perform well as a backing,  a tearaway should be stable and able to withstand repeated perforations. The backing should tear in either direction cleanly and easily.  For best appearance, tear the backing as close to the stitches as possible.

Cutaway Backing

This backing is ideal for use with delicate or stretchy fabrics.  Cutaway backing helps maintain the crispness of the design details during embroidery and also helps retain the design’s shape after repeated washings.  When cutting away the backing, use a gliding scissor motion.  A cutaway with rigidity will enable you to use your scissors with this sort of motion. Nippers are not particularly useful for this sort of operation.

Peel and Stick Backing

Peel and Stick backing is a tearaway backing with a pressure sensitive coating and a release liner. It has three general uses:

  1. Hard-to-hoop applications such as shirt collars or cuffs
  2. Stabilization of high stretch fabrics like bicycle shorts
  3. Elimination of hoop marks that occur with problem materials like suede

EnMart offers backing in a variety of types and sizes, including all three types listed above.  Please take special note of the following items:

2.0 Oz. Tear/Washaway: This unique product tears exceptionally well in both directions and has superior stability. When laundered, the remaining backing surrounding the embroidery wases away.  This leaves a clean design with firmly locked stitches.  If you are going to use just one tearaway backing, this is the one.

2.5 Oz. Cutaway: This 2.5 oz. stable and versatile product is our most popular cutaway. It is also available in black.  This backing is easy to cut and has no hoop stretch. There are also two lighter weight and one heavier weight versions of this product.  If you are stocking only one cutaway, this is the best option.

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