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Try Before You Buy

17th May 2010

Try Before You Buy

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One of our local news stations had a segment they used to do every sweeps period called Try B4 You Buy.   The premise of the segment was that an intrepid young reporter would test out new gizmos and gadgets and then tell the viewers of the segment what the test revealed.  The idea was that, by testing the products,  the reporter was saving the viewers money by letting them know which products were dynamite and which ones were dismal.

At EnMart we have our own little version of Try Before You Buy,  although no one goes on camera to test products and you won’t find any previous episodes on video.    Our Try Before You Buy has two parts to it.  The first part is the part where we actually use the products and let you know what we’ve found, generally in a post here on this blog.  Pretty much everything that is offered on our web site is also something that our parent company uses in one of its plants.  The items we offer for sale are the ones that we know work,  because we have day to day record of their use.

The second part of our Try Before You Buy series is the part where it’s you doing the trying.  If you’ve been looking at one of our products,  say a certain type of backing or our Iris Thread or our sublimation paper ,   you can always contact us and request a sample of the item in which you are interested.  We will be happy, within reason of course,  to send you a sample of thread or a few sheets of backing or paper to try before you commit to buying the product.

We understand that trying a new product can be a risky and expensive endeavor.  Every new product choice is a risk, and anything that helps minimize that risk is a good thing.  Since our parent company has had more than its share of trying products that didn’t work or didn’t work out when matched against our requirements,  we know the pain of the lost time, and lost revenue,  that unsatisfactory or unsuitable products can cause.

EnMart’s Try Before You Buy program is one way that we can help our customers eliminate a bit of the risk and pain for themselves.

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