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True Confessions (And a Contest)

22nd December 2009

True Confessions (And a Contest)

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I am not an emb370268roiderer.

I don’t sew.

I don’t craft.

I don’t have any visual artistic talents at all.  In fact, I’m incapable of cutting or drawing a straight line, even if given a ruler.

Like most people who have zero talent in a particular area, I greatly admire those who can embroider and create beautiful garments and bags and other items with the thread and backing and accessories that we sell.   It is great fun to see our products completely transformed by the talent and skill of our customers.

I’d like to see more examples of that.

To encourage people to share their designs and work with us, EnMart has decided to hold a contest.   We’re still debating what the contest will be, so while we’re debating, I thought I’d throw the question out to those of you who read this blog.

What sort of contest would you like to see?  What sort of prize would inspire you to enter?

Feel free to leave comments here on this blog, on our Twitter feed or to contact us with your suggestions or feedback.

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