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Troubleshooting Thread Problems

12th August 2009

Troubleshooting Thread Problems

tangled-threadWe at EnMart are not shy about saying we know Iris thread has excellent quality.   Our parent company has been using it in all our plants for over two years now, and we know it works.  We also know that even the best quality thread won’t help you avoid every potential problem.  Over the past 35 years, our parent company has compiled a great store of knowledge which allows us to troubleshoot thread problems with ease.  Today I thought I’d share a few of those tips with all of you.

If your thread is fraying:

  • Check your tensions, they may be too tight
  • Check your needle, it may need to be changed or might be inserted improperly
  • Change out your cone of thread, you may have gotten a bad cone

If your thread is snapping:

  • Check your bobbin tension, it might be too tight
  • Check top tension, it may be too tight
  • Clean dust and gunk (if any) from behind plates of machine
  • Change out your cone of thread, you may have gotten a bad cone

If your thread balls up:

  • Check your tensions, they may be too loose
  • Make sure your top and bottom tensions are about even, if one is too loose and the other is too tight, you’ll have problems
  • Be sure all thread is out of the bobbin and hook area

If your thread is birdnesting

  • Check your tension, if it is unbalanced birdnesting may occur
  • Make sure the fabric is framed tightly.  There should be no significant gap between the hoop assembly and the sewing arm
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