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Trade Show Questions

9th August 2012

Trade Show Questions

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When the NNEP Embroidery Mart in Nashville ended,  EnMart finished its trade show schedule for the year.   There is one more show,  the IFAI Expo in Boston,  but that show is not aimed at machine embroiders or sublimators,  so I tend to put it in a separate category.   We had a lot of fun at the shows this year,  and it was lovely,  as always, meeting customers and potential customers,  trading hugs with friends and helping people learn more about machine embroidery and sublimation.

After every trade show season ends we generally take a few steps back and look at how the year went.  We discuss booth sizes,  what we had in the booth and what we didn’t have,  and how what we had meshed with the items for which people were looking.   Our goal is always to have what our customers want,  but booth size tends to limit the amount of things we can bring.    This brings me to my first trade show question of this post,  if you did see us at a show this year,  was there anything that we sell on our website that you wished we had showcased in our booth?

One new thing we did try in 2012 was handing out sample request cards instead of actual sample bags.  This saved people who visited our booth from the task of having to carry yet another bag around the show,  as we  send the samples right to their homes.    The goal is always to get people the information and samples they want in a timely manner, without burdening visitors to our booth with a lot of extra stuff they may not want or need.   Response to the sample cards has been very positive.   If you did visit our booth at one of the shows,  what did you think of the sample cards?  Did you turn yours in after the show?

Finally we should talk about the in booth demonstrations.   In 2012 we had both an embroidery machine and sublimation printers with a heat press in the booth.   People seemed to like seeing the Iris Thread run and being able to see the printers and the press at work.   For 2013 is there anything additional we should be adding to the booth?   Would you like to see us do more seminar type demonstrations,  or even do a seminar at a show?

As always,  we enjoyed seeing everyone this year,  and sincerely thank all of you who took the time to stop by our booth to say hello or to learn more about EnMart.  We appreciate your interest and look forward to seeing you all again in 2013.

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