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T’is the Season to Win Stuff

3rd July 2008

T’is the Season to Win Stuff

I spend a lot of time investigating embroidery magazines and forums and blogs and the websites of other companies as part of my job.  My goal is to learn what else is out there, to find places where EnMart may be able to enlarge what we offer, and just to see what the competition is doing.  As I make my daily journey through the sites I visit, I also pick up a lot of miscellaneous information.  Lately, a lot of that information has been about contests that various companies are holding.  Today I thought I would share some of that information with you.  If you need a new machine or are looking for supplies, one of these contests may appeal to you.

Roland is holding an I Love My Roland Photo Contest.  First prize is a Caribbean Cruise for two.  

Those people who attend ISS New England will automatically be registered to win $1,000 each day of the show.  That would certainly buy a lot of embroidery supplies.  By the way, if you need assistance spending the money, we can help.  Also, if you need free passes to ISS New England, or any other 2008 ISS show, we do have passes available and would be happy to help you out.

 Hirsch International is holding a Two For One raffle for its Tajima Neo single head embroidery machine.  Just buy one Neo by July 31 and you’ll be entered into a drawing for a second Neo.

The Impressions Awards are still open.  You have until August 29 to submit your entries.  Have your work judged by industry experts and see how you stack up.

Imprintibles.com is giving away a heat press.  Entry information and rules can be found on the T-Shirt Forums.   The contest runs until July 31.

If you do enter any of the contests, and happen to win, let us know and we’ll share your story here on the EmbroideryTalk blog. 

Good luck!

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