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Three Tips for Naming Your Embroidery Business

11th December 2008

Three Tips for Naming Your Embroidery Business

Naming your business is an important part of creating your company image.   What you call your business can have an impact on how people see you, whether or not people choose to do business with you and even whether or not people can find your business at all.  The right business name can help propel you to success.  The wrong business name won’t necessarily torpedo your business, but it will put one more obstacle in the road to your success.

If you’re contemplating starting a business, here are a few things to consider before you select a name for your new venture.

Tip #1:  Think about what you want to be, not just what you are – If you’re just starting out you may only have one embroidery head and your goal of adding screenprint is just a wishful thought.  When naming your business you need to remember that where you are now may not always be where you are.  Try to avoid names that limit you, either to a geographical area or to one category of business.

Tip #2: Try the name out several times – Naming a business is a lot like naming a child, you’re going to say whatever name you choose many, many times.  Before you settle on a name, try out your candidates in several different situations.  Pretend you’re answering a phone and use your potential business name in the greeting.  Use it in a fake press release.  Mention it to friends.  Ask people who might not know what sort of business you’re planning what your prospective name brings to mind.  The more you test the name, the more likely you are to find any pitfalls.

Tip #3: Beware of odd spellings or made up words – Naming your business Mbroidery or Threadz may look and sound cool, but such names will most likely require more advertising dollars if they are to stick in people’s heads.  You also have to take into account web site domains and web searches.  People aren’t naturally going to sell embroidery without the e or threads with an s instead of a z.  Using an out of the ordinary spelling or word choice just means you’ll have to work harder to make sure people remember your business name.

Naming your business can be one of the most important marketing decisions you ever make.  It’s wise to take the time to do your research and give your options some thought before you settle on a final choice.

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