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Thread Conversions

25th February 2010

Thread Conversions

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Converting from one thread manufacturer to another may be one of the most stressful things an embroiderer ever has to do.   Some customers have certain colors they absolutely love and which must be matched.  Certain designs require certain colors to look their best and variations in shade could change the entire look of the finished piece.  Many embroiderers have stock thread cards which they show customers when an order is placed, and changing thread suppliers may require that the stock card be redone as well.    It can be a time consuming and laborious process.

EnMart understand the pain of this process because our parent company has been through it.  In the 36 years that Ensign Emblem has been in business, the company has switched thread suppliers more than once.    We have experienced the chaos that changing thread suppliers can cause,  and we wanted to do everything possible to eliminate that stress for our customers.

One way that we are eliminating that stress is with our thread cross reference engine.  Our color matching experts went through and matched our Iris thread colors with the colors of other thread brands.    Our conversion engine has thread color conversions for Madeira, Robison-Anton, Gunold and Isacord polyester and for Madeira, Robison-Anton, Sulky and Melco Rayon to Iris polyester.  While we can’t promise that all these matches are exact, they are as close as we could make them.

Our thread cross reference engine also offers conversions through Pantone numbers.  If you have a Pantone PMS number, you can use it to find the matching Iris Polyester thread.   You may also download our printed Iris ployester color card in PDF form.    Although a printed color card may include variations in color due to printer quality and settings,  this color card does include the Pantone numbers.

If you can’t find your thread manufacturer in our online cross reference and you don’t have Pantone numbers, you may always ask us to do a specific match.   All you have to do is send us a sample of the thread you wish to match.  Please do be aware that samples should be more than a few strands for best color match.  Once we receive your sample, we’ll do our best to find the closest Iris matching thread color.

Thread conversion can be a stressful process,  but it doesn’t have to be one.  EnMart is ready and willing to help you make the switch to Iris thread.  We’re prepared to provide all the support you need to make your conversion as smooth as it can possibly be.

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