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Think Outside the Box – Trade Show Samples

17th January 2012

Think Outside the Box – Trade Show Samples

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Later this week,  EnMart will be doing our first trade show of the year.    In years past,  when we’ve done a trade show,  we’ve loaded up samples of our main embroidery products into bags emblazoned with our logo and that of Iris Threads and handed them out at the show.  In theory, this seems like the smart thing to do,  we all know that one of the reasons people come to trade shows is to collect samples of products.    A trade show is definitely an efficient place to collect samples from many different companies.

When EnMart goes to a show,  we collect scans of the badges of those we’ve talked to and who have received samples.  A few weeks to a month after the show is over  we call those people and ask if there are any questions we can answer and if they’ve tried the samples they received from us.   In a lot of cases,  we’ll be told that people have not tried their samples,  and often receive that same answer when we call again six months to a year after the show.   Based on these phone calls, tt appears to us that handing out bags of samples at the show may not be the best way to get potential customers to try our product.

While trade shows are an efficient way to collect samples for those who attend,  they are also an efficient way to meet a lot of people for those who exhibit.  We do want to get our samples in as many hands as we possibly can,  but we don’t want to be one bag of samples among many,  or a bag with samples that never get tried.  EnMart wants our samples to stand out,   and we want giving out samples to be something that makes economic sense.   EnMart is, after all, known for keeping our prices reasonable, and for having the lowest prices in the industry on some items.  Part of how we keep our prices reasonable is by making sure we get the biggest bang we can for every buck.   Handing out samples that never get tried doesn’t help us do that.

So, in order to make our samples stand out,  and to make sure we’re spending money in as smart a way as we can,  EnMart has changed our trade show sample policy for 2012.    Instead of handing out samples at the show,  we’ll hand out postcards.  On one side of the card will be a list of ways you can request samples,  e-mail, QR codes that lead to a form on our website,  snail mail etc.   There will also be a list of the samples that you can request.  All you carry away from the show is a postcard.   The samples will be sent to your mailing address,  at our cost,  once you request them.    This way our samples stand out and stay memorable,  and people who are interested in trying samples can get them, at no cost,  and without having to carry yet one more heavy bag around a show.

We think this is a more efficient and more useful way of offering samples,  both for us and for those who attend the show.  What do you guys think.  Please leave us a comment and let us know.

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