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The Supporting Players

24th January 2008

The Supporting Players

I spend an awful lot of time on this blog talking about Iris polyester and rayon thread.  I have also spent some time talking about our Ntrans Transfers and the blank emblems that we offer.   The reason that I spend a lot of time talking about these particular products is that they’re the exciting products, the ones that those who read this blog are most likely to want to buy or about which they might want to learn more.

Today I wanted to spend a few minutes talking about the “supporting players” on our site.  These are the old reliable products that everyone needs but which most people don’t find very exciting.  Yes, I’m talking about tweezers and seam rippers and scissors.  Our topic of discussion today is the much less exciting accessories like screwdrivers and lint brushes which are so essential for machine maintenance, but which probably won’t make anyone do a dance of joy.  Obviously our goal here is to get you interested in what we have to sell, and we recognize that rhapsodizing about boring everyday items like scissors or bobbins might not be the way to do that.

Regardless of whether you find needles and backing completely enthralling or a total bore, the fact remains that you need those items, and the items I mentioned in the paragraph above to keep your machines and your business running.  Scissors and snips and bobbin cases might not be the most exciting things in the world, but they could be the things that help, in their quiet way, your business run smoothly.

At EnMart we pride ourselves on being a one stop shop for your business.  We work to stock all the products you might need to make your business run, from the high profile items like thread  to the more mundane items like heat presses.  Our goal is to become your main source for machine embroidery supplies. 

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