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The Story of EnMart Part 4: Merrily We Roll Along

25th June 2013

The Story of EnMart Part 4: Merrily We Roll Along

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2012-03-01_17-13-55_66Creating a company is one thing,  making that company grow is something else entirely.   Once EnMart had a name and a logo and a product list and a website,  the next job was to let everyone know we existed and that we had items they needed to buy.  At first those products were machine embroidery related,  centering mostly around Iris Thread and JSI backing.    In 2009,  we added sublimation and ChromaBlast inks and printers to our product offerings.     EnMart primarily sells products for decorating techniques with which we have experience.   Our theory has always been that we can best help you get the most from the products you buy if we use them as well.

Education has always been a big part of the EnMart mission,  and we love sharing our experiences and knowledge with those who are just starting out.   One way we do that is through trade shows.   Our first forays into the trade show world were small,  a pop up banner and a table were all we needed.   As time went on our booths got bigger,  as did our ambitions.   The simple pop up banner and table was replaced by what eventually became a mini store,  stocked with product and information.    These days, visiting EnMart at a trade show means finding product you can buy at reasonable prices and take home on the spot along with meeting knowledgeable people who are happy to answer your questions and help with problems.

EnMart has also proudly been a supplier member of the National Network of Employee Professionals practically since the company was formed.  Back in the early days,  I was investigating machine embroidery related associations with the view of joining to help publicize EnMart.   There were two that continually popped up,  the NNEP being one of the two.    The NNEP ended up being the organization I chose,  and I’ve never regretted that choice.   NNEP members are supportive and loyal,  and NNEP trade shows are great fun.   I’m pleased that EnMart has been a supplier member for so many years.

As for what the future holds,  we do have some plans.   One thing we’d like to do is more videos and educational webinars.   We have a lot of knowledge to share,  and we’d like to build a library of content that will allow us to do that.    EnMart is always on the look-out for new products which we might offer,  and there’s also the possibility of expanding into further areas with which we have experience.   We are also always open to forming strategic partnerships which can benefit both the company and our customers.    Whatever changes do come about,  we’re sure one thing that will never change is our commitment to helping our customers prosper and our desire to provide the best products and service possible.

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