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The Story of EnMart Part 3: EnMart Gets a Name

4th June 2013

The Story of EnMart Part 3: EnMart Gets a Name

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new_designsIt all began for EnMart late in 2006.  Obviously,  Ensign Emblem had some experience with purchasing embroidery supplies.   All that was needed was to take the knowledge that already existed and apply it to the other end of the equation,  not how to purchase machine embroidery supplies,  but how to sell them.    The product line of the as yet unnamed company also had to be fleshed out.  Should we just sell thread?  Thread and backing?  Hoops?  Accessories?   What did we need and want to sell?

Thread was easy,  since we knew we’d be bringing Iris Thread to the United States as the official distributor for the commercial embroidery market.    Stabilizer was a bit more challenging but we eventually discovered a terrific supplier that we still work with today.   The accessory category was simply the stuff that Ensign employees used every day,  stuff that we knew worked and was reasonably priced.  After a bit of discussion,  blank and sublimated patches also became part of the new company’s inventory.

The next challenge,  and maybe the biggest challenge we faced was coming up with a name.   There are a lot of factors to consider when naming a company.   The name has to make sense to you.   It has to be something that’s easily understood.   Your company name has to be something you can say a million times a day and not get tired of it.    You have to find a name that doesn’t infringe on the names of other companies in your market, or violate any trademarks.   It has to be a name that lends itself to a fairly simply domain,  and preferably a dot com domain.    We debated and debated and threw a lot of names and concepts back and forth.  Color Warehouse?  Colour Warehouse?  Too many variations to list of something and the word embroidery?    Finally,  after days of batting ideas back and forth we  settled on the Ensign Marketplace,  which became, simply,  EnMart.

Now the company had products,  a name and,  after several dozen tries,  a logo.   The next step was to tell the world about EnMart and Iris Thread and watch the company grow.

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