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The Proof is in the Running

5th May 2011

The Proof is in the Running

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For those who don’t already know,  EnMart exhibited at the DAX Show in Chicago last weekend.  One of the best parts of exhibiting at those shows is the other exhibitors you get to meet.  Nancy Rasmussen from Encore Embroidery is one such exhibitor.  Her booth had been in the same neighborhood as ours at a couple of shows and we had a few discussions about the Melco machines she sells, repairs and trains people to use and our Iris thread.

We’d talked before about having Nancy run the Iris Polyester Thread on the BRAVO  machine she had in her booth, but in Chicago we finally made that happen.   She pulled the thread she was running off her machine, and we pulled cones off our wall display and gave them to her to run.  Let me stress these weren’t special cones,  or pristine cones that had never been taken out of the box.  These cones had been to a couple of trade shows,  had been bounced around in a truck, and had been used as display thread.   If any thread would show fractures or stress points or have weaknesses,  this thread would be it.

Nancy loaded all the thread onto her machine and started it running.   That machine,  and the thread on it,  ran for the next two days without a thread break.  Both the machine  and the thread just kept going and going and going.  It was an amazing,  in person, demonstration of the strength and durability of the Iris thread.  Even thread that had been roughed up and bounced around ran beautifully.  If that thread ran well, can you imagine what Iris thread fresh off the warehouse shelf would do?

You can see a short video of the Iris thread running on Encore Embroidery’s Melco machine on EnMart’s Facebook page.   If you would like a sample of the Iris UltraBrite Polyester thread so you can do your own run test,  please contact us.   If you own or are thinking or purchasing a BRAVO Machine  give Encore Embroidery a call.  Nancy knows her stuff.

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  1. 1 On May 5th, 2011, Carol said:

    I bought a machine from Nancy, and she is fantastic! She told me how impressed she was with the Iris thread! I may have to check into getting some for my BRAVO!

  2. 2 On May 5th, 2011, kristine said:


    Nancy is great and we enjoy seeing her at the shows. If you do want a sample of the Iris thread, let us know. We’d be happy to send one to you.

  3. 3 On May 16th, 2011, Point of Sales System: EnMart’s Recommendation » EnMart Embroidery Talk said:

    [...] that we’ve encountered as a result of our trade show experiences.   Last week I wrote about Encore Embroidery and Iris Thread.   This week I want to write about something which no one who sells at a trade show should be [...]

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