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The Importance of the Right Thread

31st March 2010

The Importance of the Right Thread

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When I started working for Ensign,  my total knowledge of embroidery extended mostly to thinking it was pretty. At that point I didn’t understand how much work goes into creating an embroidered piece,  how much knowledge and skill are necessary to make the embroidery look as it should, and how much difference having the right thread and supplies could make.   These last four years have been an education in many things, but the lesson that really stands out is the one about the importance of choosing and using the right machine embroidery thread.   The thread is the basis of the whole embroidery pyramid.  If your thread frays or breaks often or if the colors run when the finished garment is washed,  you’ll lose production time,  your peace of mind and ultimately sales.   The decision about which thread to use can be one of the decisions that makes or breaks your business.

Naturally, we think the best answer to the question “which thread should I use?” is Iris thread.  In its 36 years of existence, our parent company, Ensign Emblem,  has run thread from every major manufacturer.  We’ve experienced the production delays that come from thread that breaks and frays.  We know the frustration of creating a great design and then having the customer return the product because the thread colors run when washed.   We’ve also experienced the process of converting from one thread manufacturer’s color palette to another, and totally understand what an obstacle that can be to changing thread suppliers.

After years of running  thread from different suppliers and manufacturers in search of a thread that would work the way we needed it to work, Ensign discovered Iris thread.   At last we found a thread that ran well,  could withstand washing and looked great no matter what design we sewed out.   Finding the right thread made a difference in production, return rates and frustration level.  It made such a difference that Ensign created a company, EnMart, so that other machine embroiderers could benefit from using Iris thread.

If you’re fed up with thread breaks, thread that frays or thread that only runs well when your machine is running very slowly,  we can help.   If  you’re tired of poor customer service,  unresponsive supply companies, and long shipping times, give EnMart a call and let us show you what we can do.   In the end, the decision about which thread will be used in your business belong to, you, the business owner.  All we can do is offer you a choice and a sample of Iris thread to try.

We’re quite confident that should be more than enough to help you make your decision.

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