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The Friday Blog Round Up (On Thursday)

23rd December 2010

The Friday Blog Round Up (On Thursday)

Since we won’t be here tomorrow as we will be closed in honor of the holiday,  I thought I’d do a blog round up today instead.   Before I start on that though,  I wanted to wish everyone the merriest of Christmas holidays.   Thank you to all of you who read this blog and support EnMart.  It is appreciated.

First up today,  I’m plugging my own work,  because I really like this post.   I wrote a post for my Stitches Blog about social media,  and why I think more isn’t always more.    I’m an advocate of making connections on any social media platform with which I work.  My theory is that connections will get you further than simply having tons of followers or fans.  I’d love to know what you all think about this.   Please feel free to stop over and leave a comment on the blog.

Second on the list today,  registration is now open for the 15th Annual NNEP Trade Show, Conference and Garage Sale in Dublin, Ohio.    EnMart will be exhibiting at this event and we’d love to see all of you there.  It’s a great hotel,  a great show and a great time.

Next on the docket is a post from a blog called Telling It Like it Isn’t.  The post is about pimping your posts or tweets or whatever on social media sites and whether or not that is a good thing to do.   It’s an interesting conversation about an subject that inspires a lot of different feelings.  Some people feel it’s all right to ask for retweets constantly.  Other people feel that sort of thing should happen naturally.   If you have any thoughts on the matter, stop by and add them to the conversation.

Fourth up today is a post from Seth Godin’s blog.  I’m a fan of most of what Seth says,  and this post is no exception.   Seth examines the meaning of the trappings of success,  going to a “good” college,  having an expensive car and so on,  and posits the idea that the trappings aren’t necessarily a predictor of future success,  but that having the drive and the will power to attain a level where you can have those status symbols might be  a predictor.  It’s an interesting idea, and one that I like.

Finally, we’ll close this post today with a shout out to a friend’s blog.  I’ve worked with Steven Bradley on a couple of projects and I think he’s very knowledgeable and and easy person with which to work.  He also writes a great blog.  Currently,  I really like his post on finding inspiration.   While he’s addressing finding inspiration for web design,  his tips could really work for any discipline.

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