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The Friday Blog Round-Up 9/9/11

9th September 2011

The Friday Blog Round-Up 9/9/11

First up this week is a great post from Bonnie Landsberger reminding us that Labor Day isn’t just about a 3 day weekend.   She also includes a free download for a great 9/11 tribute design.   In the middle you get some fascinating family history.   I’m a huge fan of Bonnie’s writing,  and this post is a good example of why I’m a fan.

Next on the list is a post about quilting in the hoop from Sadia Sews.   I’m a huge fan of quilts,  and this seems like a cool way to create one.  This method is apparently meant for creating quilt blocks on an embroidery machine.   I think someone should try this and then share their experiences.  Sounds like a fun and fast way to make a quilt.

Third on the list we have mentions of 2 contests where Urban Threads merchandise is the prize.  The first is a UT costume contest.   The second is a contest from Designs in Machine Embroidery.   Both contests offer some cool prizes from UT among others.   I’d love to see some of our talented machine embroidery colleagues and customers enter these contests.  I’m excited to see what all of you would create.

Fourth at bat is a great post by Erika Napoletano on learning how to rise above bad things that happen to you,  being a person not a persona, and making time for the things that make you happy.   Some of Erika’s posts are called bitch slaps and they often are that,  something that kinds of whacks you in the face and makes you take note of where your life is heading and how you’re living that life.

Fifth on the list are two posts from Seth Godin,  mostly because I couldn’t decide which one I liked better.   The first is about education in our schools, both public and private,  and how children are still being trained for a workplace that hasn’t existed in years.    The second is about the differences between being a vendor and being the talent,  and how you can’t treat one like the other.  Both are great posts that make you think.

Sixth on the docket today is a great post about how everyone is now the gatekeeper when it comes to the news and information they consume.  That’s great when it comes to what you can learn and know,  but it also means that everyone needs to be more vigilant about their fact checking and about what they believe.   As with many things,  access to a great deal of information can be a double edged sword.

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