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The Friday Blog Round – Up 9/24/10

24th September 2010

The Friday Blog Round – Up 9/24/10

First up today,  I wanted to introduce a great new blog about Social Media.  It’s called Robin’s Edge, and it is written by Robin Wilson of Wilson Edge fame.   I’m a huge fan of Robin’s work and follow her on Facebook and Twitter.  I’m so excited that she has a blog and can now expand on her thoughts and theories.   If you want to learn how to do social media right,  check out Robin’s blog.   You can find a link to it on our blogroll.

Second on the docket today, is a useful post from the NNEP blog about how to disable Facebook Locations.  For those who don’t know,  Facebook Locations broadcasts your location automatically.   For some people this might be a nice feature,  but not everyone wants their location available to anyone who might be interested.    If you want to disable this feature,  check out the NNEP post.   You will find instructions on how to disable the feature there.

Third up today is a terrific post from the Retail Minded blog about merchandising details you can’t ignore.  This post contains great advice if you have a brick and mortar store,  but a lot of the tips can also be applied to an online presence.   “Keeping It At Eye Level” becomes “Keeping It Above the Fold”  and “Staying Clean” becomes “Get rid of Extraneous Clutter”.    If you think about it,  your presence whether real or virtual needs to follow many of the same rules if it is going to be successful.

Fourth on deck this week is a post from Joyce Jagger.  She gives some useful tips for what to do when you have a special thread order from a customer.   Figuring out how much thread you’ll need may seem pretty complicated,  but following Joyce’s tips makes it easier.

Finally,  we have a sort of last minute announcement of a contest.  Urban Threads is holding a contest on their site.  They’ve hidden four of the characters from their Primitive Macabre Designs around their web site.   You have until September 26 to find them.   E-mail the locations of all the characters to Urban Threads to be entered into the contest.  You can find all the details and some hints about where the characters are hidden on their blog.

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