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The Friday Blog Round-Up 9/2/11

2nd September 2011

The Friday Blog Round-Up 9/2/11

First up today we have a post from Stahl’s about common letter and number sizes for sports uniforms.  This is a helpful piece of information for anyone who does work for teams of any type.   I also didn’t know that there are recommended ranges of numbers for certain positions on a team.

Second in line today is a post from Bonnie at My Two Stitches that I love because of the imagery it evokes.   As she describes her walk it’s almost as if I’m walking with her,  the description is that vivid.    There’s also some useful information about digitizing,  but for me the description, and the ability to make readers feel like they’re walking with her,  makes the post.

Third on the docket is Erich Campbell’s post about how he created a fabulous dress for a Stitches photo shoot and article in the magazine.  I’m always fascinated by how Erich creates, and this post gives you a lot of insight into that process.   I also love the fact that EnMart’s colored metallic thread had a small part to play in this design.   It’s wonderful to see our products used with such creativity.

Fourth up today is a post from Retail Minded about writing product descriptions for your web site.   As someone who has written the text for more than one web site from the ground up,  I can testify that writing product descriptions can be difficult.  Nicole gives you some ideas for making your descriptions more interesting, and more likely to sell your products.

Fifth is a post from Peter Shankman about a great piece of customer service from Morton’s Steakhouse.   This really is an unbelievable story,  and it also has inspired a lot of discussion about whether or not any of this would have happened had an ordinary Joe with a couple hundred followers sent the original Tweet.   In any case,  it shows you the power of social media, and how well it can work for a company that gets it.

Sixth at bat today is a so on target post from Scott Stratten at UnMarketing.   He points out something that should be obvious, but sometimes isn’t,  every form of advertising you do has an ROI, or should,  and that ROI should always be considered.  Holding social media to a higher standard in regard to ROI than we do coffee mugs with corporate logos on them, or our trade show booths, isn’t fair and doesn’t make sense.   This is a wake up call that a lot of companies need to read!

Finally, Urban Threads,  where all the fun things happen,  is having a costume contest.   We’ve seen countless examples of the fun things that customers do with their designs in the past,   but I’m sure this contest is going to inspire new heights of creativity.  I can’t wait to see the entries,  and I want to encourage all our EnMart customers to put their creative costume designs out there.  Who knows what could happen?



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