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The Friday Blog Round-Up 9/16/11

16th September 2011

The Friday Blog Round-Up 9/16/11

First up,  I have to mention Erich Campbell’s amazing post about the work he did for first responders and others after 9/11.   It’s a great story, and the last paragraph kills me every time I read it.   It’s a very well done post that says something about what the work we do can mean.

Second on the list are some life lessons from Ted Stahl.  Ted is the founder of GroupeStahl and he has a lot to say about running a business and living a life.   I think my favorite pieces of advice are about having a few mavericks on staff and about being the company that answers the unasked questions.

Third at bat is a report from Burda Style on the trend toward metallic embroidery.   As Director of Marketing for a company that sells a top notch metallic thread,  I’m all for this.    I also know,  at least with our thread,  that embroidering with metallic thread isn’t as hard as you may have been told.

Fourth on the docket is a terrific post from Seth Godin about the fact that failure isn’t failure.   This post celebrates the people who try something new,  who feel compelled to create.   It’s a great mindset and one I wish more people had.

Fifth on the list is a post from Robin Wilson at Robin’s Edge about playing nice in the social media sandbox.   We all know about trolls and we’ve all probably encountered them,   but there are ways to deal with them that don’t involve sinking to their level.  This post is a good reminder that playing nice will get your further in the end.

Finally,  I want to ask a question of those who read this post.   The Blog Round-Up is centered around what I like and find interesting because I write it,  but I’m always looking to expand the universe of what I read and enjoy.   If you have a favorite blog or a favorite post,  please recommend it in the comments.  I think we all could benefit from being exposed to new writers and new information.


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