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The Friday Blog Round-Up 9/10/10

10th September 2010

The Friday Blog Round-Up 9/10/10

First up today,  Kathleen Fasanella has an interesting discussion on intellectual property, and if it is even possible to protect yours if you send most of your work overseas.   This isn’t necessarily a discussion about if it’s a bad thing or a good thing to send work overseas,  it’s more a look at some of the consequences of doing that.  I think the whole issue is interesting and she examines a side of the question I hadn’t considered.

Second,  we have a reminder from Jennifer Cox of the NNEP about the importance of preserving and protecting your domain name.   We own several domain names as a corporation,  and I own several domain names for personal sites that I run,  so I’ve seen those letters that she mentions in her post.  Her advice on this is good,  make sure you only renew your domain name through a reputable provider,  which should be the same one through which you purchased the name in the first place.

Third on the docket today is a great post about employee education.  If you have employees,  you know that one of the big challenges is making sure they are current when it comes to information about your products and services.   Regular employee meetings are one way to do that,  but they must be conducted in the right way if they are to be effective.  In this post,  Nicole gives you some tips on how to conduct a useful and successful employee meeting.

Fourth up this week I wanted to mention Scott Stratten and the UnMarketing Book, which has just come out.  I follow Scott on Twitter and I like what he has to say.   His blog is great and from what I’ve heard his book is very good as well.  Let’s face it,  all of us who own and run businesses can stand to learn more about how to market and interact with our customers.  Scott has some great information that will help us do just that.

Finally,  since this is the blog round-up,  I wanted to follow up on a few pieces of EnMart blog business.  First,  for those who were waiting for the second part of the “Choosing the Right Machine Embroidery Thread” series,  that will be posted next week.  Second,  I wanted to point people to my latest post on the DecQuorum blog,  mostly because I’d be interested in some feedback on it.   Third,  I wanted to remind people about the SubliStuff blog,  which I believe is becoming a pretty good piece of sublimation education.  I also wanted to,  as I end this post,  throw out my usual plea for more recommendations for blogs, either about embroidery or sublimation,  that I should be reading.   I’d like to expand my blogroll and I love getting recommendations.

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