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The Friday Blog Round-Up 8/27/10

27th August 2010

The Friday Blog Round-Up 8/27/10

I haven’t done a Friday blog round up in a few weeks,  so I figured it was time to go and see what’s new in the machine embroidery blogosphere.

First up today,  a post that really hit home with me.  Kathleen Fasanella,  who is a writer I admire anyway,  wrote a touching post about the death of her uncle.   In the post she asked people to reach out to someone they hadn’t seen or spoken to in a while, because anything can happen and ties with those you love are precious.  I think we all need to remember that those we love and who love us are the most precious things in our lives.  I’ll second Kathleen’s request.  Call or e-mail someone you haven’t been in touch with in a while and let them know they matter to you.   I guarantee it will make your day brighter.

Second on the list today,  is a pair of videos from Stahl’s that will be useful for those who have vinyl cutters.  EnMart doesn’t sell or use this sort of equipment,  but I am very fond of videos that teach people how to get more from their equipment, and I’m all about education.  The vinyl cutter training video and the pressure sensitive vinyl video should be useful to people who work with vinyl and I’m happy to pass them along.

Third on the docket is the announcement of a new service from the National Network of Embroidery Professionals.  The service is called SupplierFinder.net  and will allow machine embroiderers to find suppliers for the goods and equipment they need for their businesses.  You can read all about the new website on the NNEP Blog.

Fourth in the round-up today is some advice from Marie and Graham from Odd Guy Art.  They are now veterans at selling their wares at festivals and outdoor events,  and they’ve provided some tips to help others be successful at this type of sales event.   I think my favorite tip is the one that involves the ping pong paddle.  I do have to wonder what happens if you miss though.

Finally, just because I think they’re awesome, I need to point out the terrific rubber duck designs from Urban Threads.   There’s emo duck,  super duck, geek duck and more.  They’re adorable and they’re on sale.  What could be better?

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