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The Friday Blog Round-Up 8/10/12

10th August 2012

The Friday Blog Round-Up 8/10/12

First up today is a post from Black Duck Inc. spotlighting the amazing work Erich Campbell did with EnMart’s Q-104 product.  I am consistently impressed by Erich’s artistry and skill,  as well as his dedication to getting a project done right.   He’s absolutely correct when he says he was first on my mind when I was looking for a partner for this project.   Just look at what he created for us.    What more could you want?

Next up,  from Design in Machine Embroidery we have the Intermediate Embroiderer’s Bucket List.  I imagine many of the people who read this blog have already done a lot of the stuff on this list.  If there is one you haven’t done,  maybe you should give that particular task a try.  It’s always good to expand your knowledge and skill set.   Also, if you’re just starting out in embroidery,  you can check out the Beginning Embroiderer’s Bucket List.

Third at bat today is a post from Joyce Jagger about pricing your embroidery.  Questions about price and how to price embroidery work are staples on every embroidery forum I’ve ever seen.   The biggest problem seems to be that people don’t feel comfortable charging what they really should charge for their work,  or they don’t know how to determine a fair price.   Joyce can help you if you’re having those problems.

Fourth on the docket is a post from Erich Campbell about pathing, and what a difference it can make in your production time.   Since our parent company does embroidery I understand that time is definitely money, and the faster you can produce a design,  the better off your business will be.    Erich explains how proper pathing can help reduce production time.  As always it’s useful information,  and illuminates the process of embroidery just a little bit more.

Fifth on the list is a post from Retail Minded which could be very helpful to those who own a brick and mortar store.  Negotiating leases can be tricky,  and this post has some tips that will help you do a better job when you negotiate.  Getting the best deal on leasing your space can have a big impact on the success or failure of your business,  so it pays to understand how leases are typically negotiated.

Finally, we have a post from Peter Shankman about why having haters is a good thing.  I like this post for a lot of reasons,  but especially for points #4 and #6.   The fact is that anyone who does anything even a little outside the box will have detractors and people who don’t like what they do.   I’m with Peter in thinking that having haters is a sign that you’re actually doing what you should be doing and shaking up the status quo.   I like that idea.

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