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The Friday Blog Round-Up 7/9/10

9th July 2010

The Friday Blog Round-Up 7/9/10

First up this week is a post from a blog that seems to show up week after week,  the Fashion Incubator Blog.  Kathleen writes good, thought provoking posts, and this post asking “Are You a Good Customer?”  is not exception.    The question works both ways,  do you know what your requirements are for a supplier who wants to work with you and do you know with what sort of customers you want to work?   Think about that,  an answer to those questions may take longer to formulate than you think.

Second on the agenda today is a great post about taking Twitter from the online world to the real world.  Erich Campbell from Black Duck Inc recently participated in a Tweetup in Albuquerque where he lives.  For those who are not familiar with the term,  a Tweetup is an event where people who follow eachother’s Tweets meet in person.  These events are a great way to translate online connections to real world connections.  You can read Erich’s post to find out how.

Third up this week is not a blog post,  but an article from Stitches Magazine.  The article, titled “Electric Youth”  features embroidery created by Erich Campbell from Black Duck Inc.  Some of the pieces also use EnMart’s colored metallic thread.   Please go check out the fabulous work done by Erich and Black Duck and also take a look at how our colored metallic thread can light up your designs.

Fourth up,  the blog Sewing for Cash points us in the direction of Loralie Designs.   I’m a fan of quirky and contemporary embroidery designs,  and this company looks like it has some unique products.    If you’re looking for some designs that stand out from the crowd,  it might be worth checking this company out.

Last up today I wanted to point out that EnMart has Ricoh GX e3300N printers back in stock.   If you’ve been wanting to get started with sublimation,  we now have two cost effective options,  the 3300N and the Epson WF 1100, which can get you started for a reasonable cost.   Of course,  we will also help develop a package custom designed to your needs as well.    Just contact us with any questions or needs you have and we’ll be glad to help.

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