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The Friday Blog Round-Up 7/8/11

8th July 2011

The Friday Blog Round-Up 7/8/11

First up today,  two “we’re looking for assistance” posts.   One is from AK Designs,  which is looking for test stitchers.  If you embroider and want to help them test some new designs,  check out this post.   The other request is from Odd Guy Art.  Marie and Graham are looking for leads and information about stores that might be interested in selling their shirts.  If you have a favorite t-shirt store in your area,  send the info to Marie and Graham.  If they succeed in getting the store to carry their shirts,  you get a free t-shirt.  As someone who owns several Odd Guy Art t-shirts,  I can tell you these are great shirts!

Second on the list is a post that I identify with entirely.    I tend not to be so great at multitasking,  so Bonnie’s post really hits home for me.  She does make the great point that juggling compatible tasks is easier,  which I’ve found to be true.    I also have to laugh at the description of the grocery load she returned home with when she shopped while talking on her phone.  I’ve seen grocery hauls at my house like that once or twice.

I debated adding this third post to the list simply because I’m mentioned by name in it,  but I decided it needed to be on the list because of the point it makes.   Anyone who has interacted with me  knows I’m about community and about promoting those in the community who are doing good and useful work.   Erich’s post is about the value of helping to promote others even, at times,  the competition, and I think that’s something that should be encouraged.

Fourth on deck today is a post from Peter Shankman about people who make him mad,  in a good way.   He then gives a list of people he thinks we all should be following and tells us why he thinks they’re worth our time.   This is really another way to do a round-up,  and I like the idea a lot.   Plus, I think he has some great recommendations for people to follow.

Fifth up is a post that asks a lot of good questions,  questions about social media and blogging and whether it matters what your motivation is for doing something good.    The post starts out talking about a social media catfight between two bloggers  and has several good insights on the motives for blog and social media feuds like these.   There’s a lot of interesting ideas to chew over here, not in the least does the Internet really need a police force, particularly one that’s self appointed, to make sure bloggers are telling the truth?

Last on the list is a post I was about to say was just for women,  then I realized that everyone has body image issues so, although this post is written by a woman,  I think it really applies to everyone.   The post is about feeling beautiful no matter what your size or your state of health or what the scale says.   I especially like the reminder that whatever shape your body is in,  it does what you need it to do and you should be grateful for that if nothing else.  As someone who has dealt with some health issues in the last few years,  and started to feel a bit on the defective side when it comes to body parts that work properly,  this is a great reminder.

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