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The Friday Blog Round-Up 7/15/11

15th July 2011

The Friday Blog Round-Up 7/15/11

First on the list today is a post from Fashion Incubator about how we determine whether a product is a quality product.  It’s an interesting discussion because a lot of people tend to link quality with price and make the assumption that higher priced items are better quality.   In reality,  quality really has nothing to do with price it has to do with how well the product serves its intended function.   We tend to get quality which is an objective standard,  with value,  which is the opinion the customer has about how useful and worthwhile the product is.  Quality is not a subjective judgment,  value is exactly that.  This is a great post for anyone who creates and sells garments or garment decoration.

Second at bat today is a post from Erich Campbell from his On Links and Needles blog.   He has written a great post,  which actually made me get a little teary at the end,  about how embroiderers and garment decorators need to follow the needs of their customer and not the needs of the discipline.  In this case,  there were ways that the finished product could have been a little nicer and more in keeping with present standards,  but that wouldn’t have made it the item the customer treasured and wanted recreated.  It’s a great post,  a great story, and a great reminder that listening to your customers is important.

Third on the docket is something that pleases me greatly,  Sawgrass Ink has started a sublimation blog.   Like machine embroidery, sublimation suffers from a dearth of quality, helpful blogs.  I’m glad Sawgrass has decided to take the plunge and start their own blog.  I think it will prove very useful to those who sublimate.

Fourth up this Friday is a post from John Morgan about 6 things your customers find sexy.   What he’s talking about in the post are the things you can do to please your current customers and attract new ones.   After all the relationship between a customer and a business is really like any other relationship,  you have to work at it to make it successful.  I was particularly pleased when I read this post because EnMart does a lot of these things already.    Hopefully, when you read this post you’ll realize your business does a lot of this stuff already too.

Last on the list is a post that I love because of the enthusiasm that runs through it.   Bonnie Landsberger is judging the Stitches Golden Needle Awards and she wrote a post about receiving her box of entries to judge.   What’s fun about this post is how excited she is to receive her entries and look at all the work that people have done.  If I entered a contest,  Bonnie is the sort of judge I’d want,  prepared to be impressed and excited about the entries that have been created.



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