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The Friday Blog Round-Up 6/7/13

7th June 2013

The Friday Blog Round-Up 6/7/13

roundupThe main problem with these round ups is I see stuff that I want to share and then forget where I saw it.   I know,  I need a better system.  In the meantime though,  here are the posts I liked and wanted to share with all of you.

First up, we have some hard, but honest truths from All Things Embroidery about starting an embroidery business.   It isn’t simply plug and play.   There’s a lot to learn and understand if you’re going to be successful at creating and selling embroidered goods.   I like posts like this one,  because it tells the truth but also provides you with guidance.   Everyone needs that,  whether they’ve owned a business for years,  or are just starting out.

Second at bat,  we have the Designs for Machine Embroidery blog,  which offers 7 steps to improve your embroidery.   Some of these ideas are fairly simple,   but it’s possible they’re so simple they may not have occurred to those running embroidery businesses.  It’s often the small, simple things that make the difference,  so check out this post and see if any of these tips could help you.

Third on the list today is a great piece from the Fashion Incubator blog about the tragedies at garment factories in poorer countries.    As this post points out,  improving the situation isn’t as simple as American consumers pledging to buy only from companies that treat their workers well.   There are cultural factors to this problem as well,  and those won’t be changed easily.   This is a terrific analysis of the situation from a perspective other than that of blaming the consumer.

Fourth on the docket is a post from Retail Minded which deals with the psychology of pricing.    I’m always interested in this topic,  both because I’m part of the team that determines our prices here at EnMart,  and because I know a lot of our customers and readers of this blog struggle with setting pricing for their own businesses.   This post has some good information about how customers view prices,  and how increasing the item price by a dollar or so can help generate more income for your business than you would think.

Fifth in the line – up is a common sense post from Scott Stratten,  which is even more common sense if you own your own business.   You may think that you can separate personal and business and you may think a disclaimer may protect you if you say something you shouldn’t,  but you can’t and it won’t.   Everything you say online builds your personal brand,  even if you think you’re only saying it to a chosen few,  and you must always be aware of that.    This is a good reminder to all of us.

Finally,  we have a post about something simple you can do to build an audience that is loyal to your business.   The recommendation is one of those “well duh”  ideas,  because once you read it,  you’ll think “well that’s obvious”.  The problem is that what’s obvious isn’t always what’s done.   This is another great suggestion that seems very simple,  but really isn’t so simple.    That’s my favorite kind.

And last but not least,  I’m plugging one of my posts from the SubliStuff blog.  EnMart is having a webinar and you’re invited.    If you own an embroidery business and are thinking of adding sublimation,  or have already added sublimation and are looking for some guidance,  join us on June 25.   It will be worth your time.

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