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The Friday Blog Round-Up 6/25/10

25th June 2010

The Friday Blog Round-Up 6/25/10

First up today I want to start with a post that I’ve been mentioning everywhere because I think it is so spot on.  It’s a post about how people are not brands and it perfectly echoes how I think about and operate in social media venues.  People who think they’re brands make me itchy.  Brands are brands,  people are people.  I want to interact with people on Facebook and Twitter,  not brands.

Second on the list today is a post about car flags from Black Duck Inc.   As Erich points out in this post,  car flags can be a great promotional item.  He also mentions something that hadn’t occurred to me,  car flags can be a great way to unify a group.   If you’re looking to unify your group,  do keep in mind that EnMart does sell car flags that can be sublimated.

Third in the round-up today is an announcement from the NNEP.  They’re having a design contest to find a new conference design for the 15th anniversary of their trade show, conference and garage sale in Ohio.   The person who designs the winning entry will be given free conference registration.    You can find details on the contest in the blog post.

Fourth on the list today is Odd Guy Art,  just because I love the sense of humor these guys have.   Plus,  I’m a lot like Marie,  if you don’t count books,  I’m not really about possessions.     In any case,  I appreciate they way Graham and Marie run their company and I like their designs.  I’m sure you will too, so please stop by and check them out.

Fifth up today is this list from ASI of the top 10 U.S. made promotional products .   I have to say I can’t see much use for the ice cream hat,  but  some of the others would be useful.

To close today I want to add a plea for information about embroidery and sublimation blogs.  I do a search every once in a while to see if I can find more blogs with which I can beef up my blogroll,  but I’d also love to know what you guys read and enjoy.  If you have a blog or know of a blog you think should be on one of our blogrolls, please let me know.

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