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The Friday Blog Round-Up 6/24/11

24th June 2011

The Friday Blog Round-Up 6/24/11

Every week, when I write this post,  I tell myself I won’t start with something from Erich Campbell and invariably,  week after week,  I do because his content is so good.  This week is no exception.   First we have his piece from the Black Duck Blog about visual style guides, which anyone who has anything to do with managing a brand should read.  Next there is his latest blog post for Stitches Magazine on focusing your creativity and overcoming the pause that comes when you’re confronted with too many choices.  Both are great posts and well worth reading.

Second on the docket this week is a post from Fashion Incubator which posits the idea that having no competitors isn’t always a good thing.   There are several good points in this article,  one being that there might be no competition because that product has tried and failed, and another being that most buyer behavior is governed by risk aversion, in other words,  most buyers like to buy products similar to products they already know because the expenditure of money feels safe.   If you’re starting out a business or adjusting your marketing plan,  this is a great post to read.

Third up today is a brand new machine embroidery blog,  and heaven knows we definitely need more of those.  Bonnie Landsberger from Moonlight Design has finally jumped into the blogging world with her new blog Just My Two Stitches.   I’m so glad she’s started writing,  and I hope everyone will go over to her blog and encourage her to keep writing.   This industry needs more good machine embroidery bloggers,  and Bonnie will have a lot to teach and share.

Fourth on the list are two posts about knowing what’s right for your life.  The first is Peter Shankman,  who is another blogger who seems to make the list almost every week.   This time,  he makes the list for a post about rebirth and how to know whether or not it is time for yours.   The second is from Redhead Writing and talks about listening to your gut and taking chances when it feels right, instead of waiting and debating.   Both are great posts.

Fifth up is a post from the Bloggess,  which I discovered thanks to a link from Robin Wilson.   I may have a weird sense of humor,  but as an insomniac myself on occasion I can identify with this post so much.   Plus the image of a poor, tired woman trying to balance a cat on a plastic bag just makes me giggle.    I know,  there’s probably something wrong with me.

Finally,  I wanted to point out that I, too, have a new post up on my Stitches blog.  This post is on the etiquette of the friend and the follow and I think it will be useful to anyone working with social media.


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  1. 1 On June 24th, 2011, Erich Campbell said:

    Nobody should miss your post on the freinding and following. So many people have a hard time with this and you’ve really got a handle on the topic.

    (The cat waterbed live-tweeting was well worth reading. Improved my morning mood drastically. ;)

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