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The Friday Blog Round-Up 6/18/10

18th June 2010

The Friday Blog Round-Up 6/18/10

First up this week is a post about who determines the value of your product from the Fashion Incubator blog.   The post makes a very good point,  your customers decide the value of your product,  not you.   If you overthink the entire process,  you can end up never getting your product line off the ground.   By the way,  as long as you’re visiting the blog,  you should also check out the series on what kind of entrepreneur you are.   That’s a good one too.

Second this week is a post from the NNEP blog regarding the new 1099 regulations.   I’ve heard bits and pieces about this,  but don’t know the whole story.   From what I’ve read,  this will add a lot more paperwork to our business lives.  If this is something that concerns you,  the NNEP post will tell you how you can register that concern.

On third base this week,  we’ve got a post from the Retail Minded blog.  If you have a retail store,  you know staying on budget can be an issue.  Nicole offers some tips on how to cut your monthly retail budget including things like starting an online store,  or reducing or eliminating landline phone service.   If you’re looking for ways to cut costs in your store,  check this post out.

My fourth mention this week is from a blog called UnMarketing.  I really like this blog,  both because I’m in Marketing myself, and because these posts make a lot of sense.   This particular post discusses  the fact that emotion and opinion is what gets people talking.   People spread content they find interesting or about which they care.  If you want people to talk about your business,  you have to give them something that makes them want to talk.

Fifth on the list today is a post about creative sales approaches from the ASI Central Team Blog.   I especially like the superhero idea.  I admit all of these may not work for every business,  but the post is a great way to get you thinking about creative ways to promote your particular business.

Finally,  today I wanted to do a small promo for the EnMart Facebook page and Twitter feed.   We love new followers and fans and friends,  so if you’re not following us or haven’t yet made your liking of us public,  please do so.

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