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The Friday Blog Round-Up 6/17/11

17th June 2011

The Friday Blog Round-Up 6/17/11

First up today is a reminder from the NNEP that your thoughts count.  In this case,  they’re referring to the Stitches Power 50 list,  which the magazine is currently asking people to rate.   This is a great way to let the magazine know who you think the influential people in the embroidery industry are.   (As a side note, I’m on the list and I’d like to stay there,  so giving me a vote would be appreciated.)

Second on the list is a post from the Retail Minded Blog about controlling your inventory.  This is an issue that anyone who owns a business has to contend with,  and Nicole has some suggestions for dealing with slow selling items.  I particularly like her suggestion about looking at your top sellers and determining what other products might compliment them.

Third up today is a post from Brains on Fire about learning to listen to your customers.   This is a skill that everyone who works with customers in any capacity should have.    It is easy to get caught up in the new latest and greatest, to get high on the energy of a planning meeting and claim the customers will love your new whatever it is,  but the final vote and voice rests with the customer.  Those who listen, learn,  and most likely get it right.  Those who don’t listen may find themselves taking a very different path.

Fourth at bat is a post from Peter Shankman,  which asks a question I find interesting what is off the grid to you?  Some people vote for leaving all electronic devices behind,  going somewhere remote and having no contact with anyone other than the people right there with them.  Others think off the grid means answering e-mails while under a palm tree rather than from their home office or an airport.   What’s your definition of off the grid?  Surprisingly,  I find mine is closer to Peter’s than I would have thought.

Fifth on the list today is a post I love from Redhead Writing.  It’s about big people pants,  and I should warn you the language is a bit salty,  but the thought is right on the money.    I laughed out loud while I was reading and it and instantly thought of a few people who should shop at this store,  myself, on occasion, included.

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  1. 1 On June 17th, 2011, Erich Campbell said:

    Definitely give Kristine a kick in the ratings for all the great tips and information she shares here and on her Stitches blog as well as her bimonthly column in Stitches Magazine- she is really helping in the industry with her constant efforts.

    (If you have some spare time, I wouldn’t mind being nominated, too- I also write a little for Stitches. ;) )

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