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The Friday Blog Round-Up 6/14/13

14th June 2013

The Friday Blog Round-Up 6/14/13

roundupFirst up,  a great idea from Designs in Machine Embroidery ,  an embroidered care package for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy.  My mother died of liver cancer,  and I remember how she tried to make the chemo appointments less tedious and more bearable for herself and those around her.  A care package like this one would have helped,  and it’s also a great way to show support and love for those who are battling cancer.   It’s a great idea!

Second on the list,  Stahl’s is having a Summer of Bling design contest.  If you use Stahl’s Glitter Flake product,  you might want to consider entering.   The prize is a rhinestone covered heat press.  While I’m not entirely sure about the rhinestones,  the heat press would definitely come in handy.

Third at bat,  SnapRetail is offering 12 webinars this summer,  all of which are aimed at brick and mortar retailers, but many of which might be helpful to people who sell online as well.    The buy local webinar may be of interest to those of you who do have a brick and mortar shop.   The webinars on e-mail design and working with bloggers could apply to anyone who sells whether they make those sales online or offline.   I betting most of these webinars wouldn’t be longer than an hour,  and isn’t a hour a wise investment if it helps you build your business?

Fourth on the docket is a wonderful quilt project from Urban Threads.  It’s no secret I’m a big fan of the designs from Urban Threads and really their whole attitude toward embroidery.   This quilt is yet another example of them taking a subject,  in this case insects,  and turning it on its ear.  Best of all,  they offer a free pattern for the quilt at the end of the blog post in which it’s discussed.   Hmm, wonder who I can talk into making this quilt for me?

Fifth in line is a post about content marketing that I wanted to share simply because I agree so much with what it says.  A lot of times businesses who market focus on creating awesome Facebook pages or fascinating Twitter feeds but don’t carry that energy and commitment through to things like customer service or their website.   This post makes the point that good content is only a small portion of the battle,  it’s what you do day in and day out in every aspect of your business that really matters.

Finally,  I wanted to share two pieces of EnMart related information this week.   First,  EnMart is having a webinar on June 25, and you’re all invited.   If you embroider and are considering adding sublimation to your business,  this webinar will be very helpful.    Second,  it’s time to rate the Stitches Power 75 list again.    EnMart is on this list, as our some of our other industry favorites (Urban Threads, NNEP, Erich Campbell).   Please take a minute and go vote all of us as more influential.   We’d certainly appreciate your support.

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