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The Friday Blog Round-Up 6/11/10

11th June 2010

The Friday Blog Round-Up 6/11/10

First up today is Kathleen Fasanella’s post “The Difference Between a Wannabe and a Newbie“.   This is the bit that really rings true for me:  “There’s a big difference between a wannabe and a newbie. People who have a skill or something going for them, have a confidence from outside the business. They are centered in their place in the world even if they’re only now coming into this one. They’re newbies, never wannabes.”  It’s an interesting take on learning a new business or industry.

Second this week is a great post from Erich Campbell of Black Duck Design.  He is my colleague in blogging for Stitches Magazine  and he has a terrific post up on his Stitches blog about how your substrate can effect digitizing and finished embroidery.   He’s got some great tips about how to make almost any substrate work in your embroidery machine.

Third on the list is an informative post from the Retail Minded blog about leasing a retail site.   While some of us tend to operate almost entirely online,  the retail storefront is still alive and well.  If you’re considering having a brick and mortar site,  check out this blog post for some tips on finding the best retail location for you.

Fourth up today is another great post from Urban Threads showing how people have used their designs.  I’m a huge fan of the design aesthetic of Urban Threads,   their designs are the kind I would sew out if I had an embroidery machine.   They have an awesome collection of pictures,  from tattoos to designs embellished with rhinestones to some body painting,  it’s all in the Show ‘N Tell Gallery.   Check it out!

Fifth on the agenda today is a little pimping for EnMart’s other blog SubliStuff.    We have a post up on that blog that gives instructions on how to sublimate a shot glass.    I like doing the tip posts for SubliStuff because I always learn something new.  In this case,  I learned that you can sublimate a shot glass in a toaster oven,   which I thought was kind of neat.   I also learned not to cool the shot glasses with water,  as they might shatter.  Instead,  use a cooling rack or a small fan for air cooling.

Finally,  I wanted to recommend three great resources,  all forums,  that some of you may not have seen yet.   The first is T-shirt Forums.  I’m pretty sure almost everyone knows about this forum as it is one of the biggest decoration forums on the Internet.   There is a lot of good information here, although you may have to search to find what you need.  There are also a lot of threads on this forum.

The second forum is the Apparel Decorators Forum.  This is a smaller forum,  with a great group of members who are very open and friendly.   This forum also has a lot of good information and is a great place for people who are just starting out.

Last but not least,  I wanted to mention a forum that is about small business,  but not specifically about decorating.    The aptly named Small Business Forum is where people gather to talk over the ins and outs and ups and downs of running a small business.  While it doesn’t have much of a decoration component,  there are a lot of helpful tips on running a business.   In the interest of full disclosure,  I should mention that I am an Admin on this forum.

If you’re looking to make connections with other business owners,  check out one of these forums.  If you do check them out,  make sure you say hello.  I’m EnMartian on T-Shirt Forums and ADF and Kristines on the Small Business Forum.

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