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The Friday Blog Round-Up 6/10/11

10th June 2011

The Friday Blog Round-Up 6/10/11

Just as we did last week,  we start off this week’s Blog Round-Up with a post from Erich Campbell.   This week he’s writing about the Principle of Charity,  which loosely translated seems to mean that you should assume everyone is being rational and behaving with the best of intentions.   This is a good reminder for anyone who ever interacts with other human beings. It is easy,  especially when it comes to business, to become cynical and suspicious.  This post reminds us to be charitable and act on the assumption that other people are acting from their best motivations.

Second on deck this week is a post from Nicole at Retail Minded.  She’s discussing a concept I’ve seen, but never knew there was a name for,  the pop up shop.  Basically, this is a short term set-up that is used to sell merchandise or services in a vacant storefront.  Some pop up shops only last a few weeks while others may last a few months.   If you’re wondering if the pop up shop concept might be right for you,  Nicole’s post has some reasons one might create a pop up shop.  Stop by her blog and take a look.

Third on the list today is a post about yet another Facebook invasion of privacy and how to avoid it.  Facial recognition is the latest Facebook gadget and some people are unhappy about it, as it will automatically tag you in photos,  even if you would prefer not to have that happen.    If you would rather not have facial recognition enabled,  watch this video from Robin’s Edge for instructions on how to turn it off.

Fourth at bat today is a post from Seth Godin.  He offers an e-mail checklist that I wish more people would follow.   Unsolicited and unhelpful e-mail is one of my pet peeves,  so I like this post a lot.   I think, of all the items on the list, #20 and #30 are my favorites.   Hat tip to @danipetros to pointing out this post in the first place.

Fifth on the list today is a post from Ash Ambirge of The Middle Finger Project.  Be warned,  this is a pretty blunt post,  but it says a lot of good stuff about how sometimes you need to give disaster the finger and move on toward better things.   This post resonates with me a bit right now,  and I thought it might with some other people as well.  I think we all, from time to time,  need a reminder that we can rise above our circumstances.  This post is one such reminder.

Finally,  I wanted to point out that I have a new post up at Stitches Magazine.   This post is about the value of selling on something other than price,  and includes some tips on ways to do that.   If you have a moment,  please stop by and read the post and leave me a comment.

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  1. 1 On June 10th, 2011, Jennifer Cox said:

    As usual, you have good stuff that pushes me to new thinking! Thanks.

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