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The Friday Blog Round-Up 5/27/11

27th May 2011

The Friday Blog Round-Up 5/27/11

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First up today is embroiderer, digitizer,  blogger and my partner in column writing, Erich Campbell from Black Duck Ink.   He points out a great post on another of my favorite blogs StitchPunk from Urban Threads.   This post spotlights some terrific uses of embroidery that aren’t ordinary.   Erich has also announced that he’s done some more design and embroidery work for Stitches Magazine which will appear in a future issue.  I’m told that some EnMart products were used in the creation of the new items, so I’m doubly excited.

Second on the list today,  the National Network of Embroidery Professionals (NNEP) has announced that attendee registration is open for the 2011 Embroidery Marts in Houston and Nashville.    EnMart will be exhibiting at both these shows, and we’d love to see all of you there.   The NNEP shows are a great size and lots of good vendors exhibit,  so they’re definitely worth attending.

Third on deck, we have an announcement of a new shirt from Odd Guy Art.   Anyone who’s read this blog, or our Twitter feed knows I’m a fan of Odd Guy Art,  so a new shirt is pretty exciting.   Unfortunately,  the new shirt does not appear to be on the site yet,  but it should be there soon.   I definitely recommend checking out Odd Guy Art if you haven’t yet done so.  They have a quirky sense of humor and cool shirts.

Fourth at bat today is a post from a blog called Brass Tack Thinking.  The post is about building networks and why you should cultivate those networks before you need them instead of when you need them.   I’d like this post even if it didn’t fall in line with my own thinking because it encourages building community and relationships all the time,  not just when you want someone to pass along your Tweet or help you find a job.   Her post makes a lot of sense.

Fifth on the list today is an interesting debate that was started by a post on the Rizzo Tees blog.  The post “Despicable You”  points out a post from a supposed “social media expert” who recommended that one of her potential clients attend a coaching session with her so she could help him “capitalize on this storm”.  She was apparently referring to a bad storm that had happened in Dallas,  but many people felt, with all the bad storm damage and death as a result of storms that have happened lately,  her Tweet was in bad taste.   To me, this is a classic case of how a poorly worded Tweet or Facebook post can get you in a world of trouble.  This is definitely a cautionary tale.

Finally, I wanted to point out a post on the SubliStuff blog that is good news for Mac users.  Sawgrass now offers MacProfile,  color management software for Macintosh computers.   If you’ve been doing sublimation and wishing you could use your Mac,  the answer to your wishes is here.


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