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The Friday Blog Round-Up 5/25/12

25th May 2012

The Friday Blog Round-Up 5/25/12

First up in the “this is cool” category,  we have the burgeoning tradition of sports uniforms that honor the military.   As I’m not really a sports fan,  I didn’t know that teams even did this,  but I think it’s awesome.   It’s also awesome that Stahl’s gives decorators the ability to duplicate the professional team uniforms for local teams.   The camo look is a great addition to your decorating arsenal.

Second on the docket is a post from the Retail Minded Blog containing tips for early-stage entrepreneurs.  This tips I like best are don’t pay attention to people who don’t understand what you’re trying to do and don’t feel all is lost if your business doesn’t take off as every event is a learning experience.   This post contains some common sense advice and is a good read for those who are just starting to build their businesses.

Third on the list is Urban Threads, which is celebrating its fourth birthday by giving away presents.   Starting May 28 and continuing through the end of the week,  they will be giving away a different item to four lucky winners each day.    The giveaways look pretty awesome to me,  and it’s definitely worth dropping your name in the hat if you like products from Urban Threads.

Fourth on the list are two posts from the Designs in Machine Embroidery blog.   First we have 12 Household Tools for Machine Embroidery and then we have its sequel, 10 Household Tools for Machine Embroidery.  What’s nice about these posts is that they take simple things you may already have lying around your house and show how they can be used for embroidery.

Fifth on the list is a blog that will probably only appeal to the history wonks like me,  and a writer who does what she can to make history come alive.  The blog is Wonders & Marvels, and the writer is Beth Dunn.  I greatly enjoy her posts, particularly her post about Eleanor of Aquitaine and her post about the possible reason for the founding of the British Museum.  If you enjoy reading about the quirky and funny bits of history we don’t always get to hear,  you should definitely check this blog out.

Finally,  I just wanted to wish everyone a great weekend and to send thanks from everyone at EnMart to all those who have served and do serve this country in the military.   We appreciate your service and your sacrifice.

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