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The Friday Blog Round-Up 5/21/10

21st May 2010

The Friday Blog Round-Up 5/21/10

First up this week is this question from the GSSA blog “Are You Fashion Forward?” Those people who know me personally would tell you my answer to that question would be no,  so I’m hoping the rest of you pay more attention to trends and fashion than I do.   If you’re looking for a way to find sales beyond sports apparel,  check out this post.  There are some good ideas here.

Second on the list is a great description from Odd Guy Art of how a design goes from concept to execution.   I mentioned before how much I like their designs, and it is fun to see how an idea goes from being an idea to being a finished design on a t-shirt.  I have to admit I’m fascinated by visual artists,  since I have absolutely no talent in this area.

Erich Campbell is third on the list today with a new post for his Stitches Magazine blog.    He has a great post about managing customer expectations and working within a customer’s budget.   He tells the story of how he worked with a local organization to create a design that satisfied their needs and didn’t break the budget,  and gives lots of useful tips about how you can do the same for your customers.

Fourth up,  the Retail Minded Blog spotlighted a Michigan t-shirt company and, since I’m from Michigan, I thought I ought to help spread the word.  I’ve always like the sensibility of this company, called Mother Tongues,   and Retail Minded does a great job of describing who they are and what they do.   If you like organic t-shirts with positive messages,  check this company out.

Fifth on the list is a plug for a post from our SubliStuff blog.  I’m not plugging it because it’s our blog or even because I wrote it,  I’m plugging it because the subject matter and the artwork used in the post was created by a customer and friend of EnMart’s,  George Rivas from MWC Enterprises.   He’s come up with a cool idea for preserving old family photographs and memorabilia.   I think he does great work and I want to make sure a lot of people see the post.

Finally,  I want to point out a really cool post on the Urban Threads blog.  I always love to see what people make with the supplies and designs they buy.   In Urban Threads 5/20 post,  they show some of the things that people have done with the Dia de los Muertos Skull design.  I’m not a huge fan of skulls, but some of these items are pretty dang cool.

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  1. 1 On May 21st, 2010, Graham "odd guy art" said:

    Thank you so much for another mention in your Friday Blog Round-Up. I love to see how things are made too. I had great fun writing that blog post, so I’m very happy that you enjoyed reading it.

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