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The Friday Blog Round – Up 5/14/10

14th May 2010

The Friday Blog Round – Up 5/14/10

I’m guessing you all know the drill by now and, if you don’t, you’ll soon catch on.

First up this week is a terrific post by Jennifer Cox of the NNEP.  It’s called “23 Things I’ve Learned after 15 Years in Business and 45 Years Alive“.   There are a lot of good tips in this post, but I think my favorite one is the one about handwritten notes.  This is something I feel strongly about and try to do whenever I can.   There’s just something about a handwritten note, however short, that feels a little extra special.

Second this week is the great t-shirt designs from Odd Guy Art.   I love the quirky sense of humor this company displays.  In fact,  I loved it so much I bought the “Run for Rickets” shirt.   Who could resist a tagline like “Let us purge our citizenry of rickets lest they become rickety”?  Clearly, not me.   I’m also a firm believer in supporting independent artists.  Those of us who are in creative businesses need to help each other out whenever we can.

Today’s third mention is a plug for a post on our other blog, SubliStuff.  Our Sublimation and ChromaBlast expert, Tom Chambers, has written a great post which compares some popular cotton decoration techniques with ChromaBlast.  If you want to decorate cotton and you’re uncertain which method you want to use,  check out this post,  I’m sure it will be helpful.

Fourth up,  if you didn’t get a chance to go to the ASI New York Show,  you can relive all the fun on the Bellwhether blog.    Looks like they had a great time at the show.    I’m a little jealous.

Finally,  while this isn’t technically a blog,  there was so much good information included in this report that I felt it should be mentioned.  Stitches Magazine has released their Stitches State of the Industry Report.   There are a lot of good tips and hints for embroidery businesses included in this report, as well as valuable information that can help take your business to the next level.    There also may be a mention or two of yours truly in the Social Networking section,  but I didn’t tell you that.   In any case, this is worth checking out.

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